Rent a motorbike and take on the winding roads

Pai is one of the best places to ride a motorbike in Thailand and go out on adventures. It’s got unforgettable views running along the winding roads, there’s less traffic and it’s super cheap to hire a bike.

In a way, Pai forces you to hop on a motorbike as there aren’t many alternative options in the form of public transport or taxis. So if you want to easily explore the surrounding sights, it’s really your best option.

There’s something magical about riding a bike along the curving roads of Pai, feeling every turn as you let your bike lean into each corner. It’s a really fun activity to do with a group of friends whilst visiting the nearby sites.

We can’t ignore our inner mum here and continue without telling you to; wear a helmet, don’t drink and drive, and don’t get too cocky.

How to rent a motorbike in Pai

As we mentioned before, Pai is the mecca for motorbikes. This means that you’ll be inundated with options when it comes to where to rent your bike. Brick House Hostel is be able to organize it for you. You can hire a motorbike for around 100-250 baht per day.

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