Bamboo Rafting

The tourists who love rafting, the Pai River is one of the rivers that will make you feel pleasant in rafting by a bamboo raft along the river among the beautiful nature in the calm forest. Sometimes, you can hear just the wild birds singing while you are going along on the bamboo raft. It is absolutely the fascinated scene that makes you feel fall in love with this stream. Rafting with bamboo in Mae Hong Son can be done in every season; the tourists have to go to Tung Kong Moo village, which is 3 km. far from town. This village will be the location of bamboo rafting business officers and it is also the starting point of bamboo rafting and ending at Sob Pong village. Tourists can take about one and a half hours for this attractive activity.

Bamboo Rafting in Pai district:
Bamboo Rafting in Pai district will start at Tan Jet Ton village, Wieng nua sub district, going down along Pai River admiring all beautiful scenery of both sides of Pai River until ending at The Pai River Bridge at Mae Hee Wiengtai sub district. The approximate distance is 7 km. Take about 2 hours on this journey.

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