Take a tour inside Tham Lod Caves

You’ll have to travel slightly outside of Pai to get to Tham Lod Caves, but the 45-minute journey is definitely worth it.

The cave is unspeakably impressive, with a network of caves running 1,666 m long and 20 m formations hanging from the ceiling.

The stalagmites and stalactites create an ominous atmosphere straight from prehistoric times, coupled with the sounds of bats darting above your heads and the unknown darkness. Let’s just say it can get slightly creepy at some points!

But once you’re on board the bamboo raft and gliding along the Nam Lang River, any fears of the dark quickly vanish as your confidence in your guide grows.

How to visit Tham Lod Caves: To enter Tham Lod Caves, it is essential that you have a guide, and trust us you’ll want one. The cost of this is US$ 15, which can be split between groups of three.

The caves are open from 9 am – 6 pm, and you may prefer to join a day trip rather than embarking on the adventure yourself. It’s easy to find a tour just by walking down the streets in Pai city center.


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