Try tubing on the Pai River

It takes around an hour to float down the Pai River in a rubber ring. All you have to do is sit back, relax and let the current take you down the river as you take in the stunning Thai scenery that passes by.

The activity is also relatively cheap, costing around US$ 10, which usually includes transportation to and from the river. You won’t struggle to find somewhere to book the activity as every man and his dog in Pai will be trying to sell it to you.

Top tip: Bring a change of clothes in a dry bag for the ride back!

Also for your interest; Go whitewater rafting through Pai’s jungle

Another water-based activity (who said you need a beach) whilst in Pai is to go whitewater rafting along the Pai River. Rafting in the Pai River is one of the activities which is very interesting for the nature and the adventure lovers. The difficulty of rafting can be divided from level 1-4; however, in the rainy season may be reach to the 5 level, the tourists can touch the beautiful nature and enjoyment throughout the stream such as waterfall playing, camping in the forest, the mud bath from national hot springs, jumping cliffs. The suitable range for rafting is from June-February of every year, it is necessary to use local skillful persons, and the rafting business firms directly for rafting in the Pai River. Before rafting the tourists will have been practiced paddle and suggested in using the rubber raft in detail the operators will prepare food, beverages, and beddings, taking – sending cars, and the all other need of accessories.

The best time to go is during July-November when the water velocity will be at its highest and you can experience the full force of the water. It’s a real white-knuckle ride!

However, if you find yourself in Pai outside of these months it’s still an experience worth doing as there’s still gentle rapids and beautiful jungle views.

Most companies offer 1–3-day rafting trips, some of them starting in Pai and taking you all the way to Mae Hong Song. Thai Adventure Rafting is a highly reputable company offering lots of options which vary in price depending on the size of your group.

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